Billboard Advertising of Physicians and Hospitals After reading this in today’s NY Times, I thought it would be worthwhile to reblog this post.

Our Greatest Wealth Is Health

Blog  #52        Andrew Siegel, M.D.


The image above is a billboard that I photographed on Route 4 in New Jersey, advertising kidney transplantation at St. Barnabas Hospital.  Now people, come on—if any of us ever need a kidney transplant, are we really going to pick our transplantation center based upon a billboard ad situated above a gas station and a Dunkin’ Donuts?

As I continued driving east on Route 4, I couldn’t help but see—or shall I say, be assaulted by—a huge electronic billboard, its flickering colored pixels advertising the merits of one of the local hospitals.  The subject matter changed every few seconds, the slide show shifting to the faces of local physicians, some of whom I know and others whom I don’t know.

I don’t care for any type of billboard insulting my visual field, much preferring nature, trees, and mountains as background, although there is not…

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