Key to a Healthy Life

Andrew Siegel MD  Blog #126

My oldest cousin, who is in his late 60’s and resides in London, recently had a total knee replacement for disabling arthritis that interfered with his quality of life.  Even though this is a very tough operation in terms of recovery and rehabilitation, he did remarkably well.  He sent me an email about his situation and I would like to share his sage words as they provide meaningful advice regarding the key to a healthy life.

“Three months ago I had a total knee replacement surgery on my left knee.  The operation was a success, and with lots of hard work, rehab, improved diet and a positive attitude, I have made a remarkable recovery.  Last weekend I took a 3-mile walk with Monika, and didn’t suffer any knee pain or even tightness.  In fact, my operated knee appears to be stronger than my other knee.

From my own life experience, I have understood that the key to a healthy life involves the following

1- Eating a healthy diet

2- Regular exercising

3- A positive attitude, including coping with stress

4- Educating yourself regarding your health problems, being an advocate and involving yourself with your medical treatment and actively participating in the healing process 

I incorporated all these principles concerning my knee surgery, and credit these efforts with aiding my remarkable recovery.”

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