To What Lengths Man Will Go For A Larger Penis

Andrew Siegel MD 7/16/16

elephant penisPhoto taken by one of my patients (notice 4 legs, trunk and a most substantial appendage)

Many men feel insecure regarding their penis size, particularly so with our super-sized American bigger-is-better culture. The pornography industry has not helped the plight of the average-endowed male. 

Sometimes a “cigar is just a cigar,” but sadly the penis represents way more than what it presents at face value. Going beyond sexuality, it symbolizes confidence, swagger and self-esteem. It is understandable why the words “cocksure” and “cocky” mean possessing self-assurance.

Some men desire to be the alpha males in the pecking order with a substantial locker room presence. Other men desire only to possess a formidable bedroom presence. Still others desire to be enormous under all circumstances. Interestingly, women in general are considerably less concerned with penile size than men.

Many men who are “ordinary” in genital dimensions would prefer to be not so middle-of-the-road.  This entry reviews a new type of penile implant designed to convert the average penis into a mighty one.  *** My intent is not in any way to endorse the use of this implant, only to educate the public about its existence. 

Penile Stats

With all biological parameters there is a bell curve with a wide range of variance. Most are clustered in the middle with outliers at either end of the curve. Penis size is no exception, with some phallically-endowed, some challenged, but most in middle range. In a study of 3500 men published by Alfred Kinsey, the average flaccid penis length was 3.5 inches and the average erect penis length ranged between 5-6 inches. The average circumference of the erect penis measured 4.75 inches.

Factoid: Hung like a horse—forget about it! The blue whale has the mightiest genitals in the animal kingdom: penis length is 8-10 feet; penile girth is 12-14 inches; ejaculate volume is 4-5 gallons; and testicles are 100-150 pounds. Hung like a whale!

Penile Enlargement Surgery

In general, penile enhancement surgery to date has been risky, ineffective and not ready for prime time. Certain “sleight of penis” procedures including cutting the penile suspensory ligaments, disconnecting and moving the attachment of the scrotal sac to the penile base, and liposuction of the pubic fat pad. These procedures unveil some of the “hidden” (inner) penis, but do nothing to enhance overall length. Other procedures attempt to “bulk” the penis by injections of fat, silicone and other tissue grafts. The untoward effects of enlargement surgery can include an unsightly, lumpy, discolored, painful and perhaps poorly functioning penis.

New Type of Penile Enlargement…The “Penuma”

Paralleling the cosmetic surgical concept of breast, buttock, calf and chin implants, an enterprising Beverly Hills urologist named James Elist has devised a silicone penile sheath implant that can substantially enhance penile girth and length.

Unlike the implantable penile prostheses that have been used for years for men with erection problems—implanted within the erectile chambers of the penis to allow a hydraulic erection—the Penuma implant is used for purposes of penile enlargement and is implanted superficially in the penis. Essentially, a silicon sheath shaped like a hot dog bun is placed under the skin of the penis, wrapped around and encircling about 80% of the penis, leaving an area of the underside of the penis unexposed. The device immediately expands the penis by about 2-2.5 inches in length and girth. The final expansion results may not be evident until 6 months or so because further stretching will occur over time.


The Penuma Implant

The device received FDA clearance in 2004. Dr. Elist has implanted over 1000 Penumas and claims a 95% success rate. The device is available in three sizes—large, extra-large and extra-extra-large. In order to be able to have the device implanted one must be circumcised. The Penuma implant procedure is done on an outpatient basis in less than one hour and the surgical fee is $13,000.  As with implantations of all foreign devices into the body, there is the potential for infections, device breakage, skin perforation, pain and other issues. 

Bottom Line: The Penuma implant is an intriguing urological plastic surgical concept, but the jury is still out. Dr. Elist has been the sole implanter to date and there are no long-term clinical studies, but you must give him credit for creative thinking and innovative design.

For more information on this procedure, visit Dr. Elist’s website:

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    […] Penile enlargement procedures – Efforts to “bulk up” the penis with injections of fat, silicone and other tissue or prosthetic grafts can result in an unsightly, lumpy, discolored, and painful penis. […]

  2. When Sex Hurts | Our Greatest Wealth Is Health Says:

    […] Penile enlargement procedures – Efforts to “bulk up” the penis with injections of fat, silicone and other tissue or prosthetic grafts can result in an unsightly, lumpy, discolored, and painful penis. […]

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