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Male Sexual Enhancement Supplements: Don’t Waste Your Money

January 28, 2017

Andrew Siegel MD  1/28/17

During my urology clinic hours at least one patient a day–if not more–shows me a recently purchased bottle of herbal supplements slated as beneficial for “sexual health.”  The composition of these products often includes one or more of the following: arginine, ginko biloba, horny goat weed, maca, yohimbine, etc. After I have had a chance to look at the product and its ingredients the following question is typically posed: “Any good, doc?”  I often reply with: “Don’t waste your money, you’re getting stiffed.”  (Pun intended.)


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The male herbal enhancement business is billion dollar in scale, one that preys upon the desperation of men willing do anything to improve/enhance the dimensions of their penis and sexual function. Unfortunately, many men believe erroneously that supplements are natural and innocuous solutions to an array of sexual issues. The truth of the matter is that most sexual enhancement products are ineffective and make false claims. Of those that do have some beneficial effects, many contain small amounts of the chemicals used in legitimate ED medications without that being indicated on the label. The problem is that the quantity of added Viagra, Cialis, etc., is unknown and the origin a mystery, often counterfeit and/or produced in unregistered and unregulated labs. An additional problem is that the presence of these legitimate medicines in the herbal product makes the supplement dangerous to a segment of the population in which their usage is contraindicated.

Because these products are “supplements,” they are not under the domain of the FDA and therefore not subject to the regulation and scrutiny normally directed towards FDA approved pharmaceutical products. Furthermore, when a problem surfaces with one of these herbal products, the FDA will do no more than issue consumer alerts and request a voluntary recall.

Bottom Line: When it comes to male sexual enhancement supplements, save your resources, which would be much better spent elsewhere. Now that there is a generic 20 mg formulation of Viagra available (Sildenafil), you can get “stiff” without being “stiffed.” See your urologist for an ED consultation instead of heading to the Internet or convenience store to hunt for ineffective herbal products that are often tainted and contaminated.

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