Urethral Compression Devices To Manage Male Urinary Incontinence

Andrew Siegel MD  7/8/17

Male urinary leakage can often be cured or significantly improved with behavioral treatments, pelvic exercises, medications, or surgery. However, there are times when incontinence cannot be satisfactorily addressed by these means. Furthermore, there are circumstances in which medications or surgery cannot be considerations and situations in which patients want only simple and basic management.

This entry reviews the following male urinary incontinence appliances: “Dribblestop,” “Regain,” “Acticuf,” and “Urostop.” They all have in common a pinching mechanism that is applied to the urethra, similar to squeezing your penis between thumb and forefinger to prevent urinary leakage. The goal of using these devices is to stop the urinary leakage while keeping the blood circulation to the penis intact and maintaining a comfortable fit. This can be accomplished because only a minimum amount of pressure on the urethra is required to stop the unwanted flow of urine.

Dribblestop is a foam-padded, lightweight plastic clamp for men with moderate to severe leakage. It works by applying compression pressure to the top and bottom of the penis to pinch the urethra closed.  The device is worn just behind the head of the penis. A set contains two clamps that are held together by adjustable links (of 3 varying lengths) to calibrate the urethral compression.  The compression can be further fine-tuned by choosing one of two notches on the clamps.




Regain is a flexible plastic compression device for men with mild to moderate leakage. It consists of upper and lower arms connected by hinges. A foam pad that compresses the urethra is present on the lower arm and an elastic Velcro strap is attached to the upper arm. The penis is placed through the central opening and the device is bent to envelop the penis. The elastic strap is wrapped around to hold the device in place and to apply light pressure to the underside of the penis.  It is available in 3 sizes: small (penile circumference < 2.5 inches), medium (2.5 – 4 inches), and large (> 4 inches).  A package contains 3 devices, each providing about one week’s usage.




Regain deployed


Acticuf is a disposable pouch for mild-moderate urinary leakage. It is an absorbable pocket closed on the deep end that has a mouth that opens and closes to contain the penis and compress the urethra.  The pouch is held horizontally between thumb and forefinger and squeezed to open it. The penis is inserted in the pouch as deeply as possible and the Acticuf mouth snugs down on the penis.  It can be loosening up by squeezing and releasing the compression mechanism a few times. It should be repositioned every 3-4 hours or so and not worn while sleeping.  It should be removed and discarded when saturated. A set consists of 10 pouches.


Urostop is used for preventing urinary leakage that occurs at the time of sexual activity, whether during foreplay, intercourse or climax.  It consists of an adjustable tension silicone loop that is cinched down to occlude the urethra.  It is placed at the base of the penis prior to sex. The ring is slid down until it is adjacent to the ends of the loop and the erect penis is placed within the loop and the device is slid down to the penile base.  The end of the tubing without the ball is pulled to achieve the desired tension. The device should not be left on for more than 30 minutes. To remove the device, the end of the tubing with the ball is pulled.  Only water soluble lubricants should be use and it should be cleaned with soap and water after each use.  The device should be replaced after 6 months of use or sooner if it shows signs of wear and tear.



These urethral compression devices and many more urology products for men and women can be purchased online or via telephone from The Urology Health Store.   Shipping to the continental USA is free with orders over $50 and 10% discount can be obtained with promo code: “Urology10”

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Dr. Andrew Siegel is a practicing physician and urological surgeon board-certified in urology as well as in female pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery.  Dr. Siegel serves as Assistant Clinical Professor of Surgery at the Rutgers-New Jersey Medical School and is a Castle Connolly Top Doctor New York Metro Area, Inside Jersey Top Doctor and Inside Jersey Top Doctor for Women’s Health. His mission is to “bridge the gap” between the public and the medical community that is in such dire need of bridging.

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