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Are You Cocky (Cock-y)?

December 20, 2014

Andrew Siegel, MD  12/20/14

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On Cockiness

The word cocky (derivatives cockily and cockiness) is defined as “conceited or arrogant, especially in a bold or impudent way.” Cocksure (derivatives cocksurely and cocksureness) is defined as “presumptuously or arrogantly confident.”

Being able to function well sexually contributes to your masculine identity and behavior and is responsible for a “swagger” that permeates positively into all areas of your life. Body confidence promotes mind confidence just as mind confidence promotes body confidence. There is good reason that the words “cocky” and “cocksure” mean possessing a great deal of confidence.

 Slang Terms For The Penis

There are an abundance of slang terms for the penis. Some are vulgar, others less so. The most popular are “dick” and “cock.” The “w” words “wang,” “wiener,” and “willy” are popular. There are the descriptive words: “manhood,” “member,” “package,” “tool,” “unit,” “prick,” “pecker,” and “dong.” Let’s not forget the name words “Johnson” and “Peter.” There is the medical term pudendum” and its derivative “pud.” There are the Yiddish slang terms, “schlong” (slang for snake) and “putz,” often used in a derogatory sense. On the international scene, “lad” is Irish, “todger” is Australian/UK origin, and “schwanz” is German, literally meaning tail. When I was a urology resident, we used the term schwanz quite often, although I’m not sure quite why, it just sounded like an appropriate term, and was subtler and smoother than the harsher terms “dick” and “cock.”

Slang Terms For Erections

There is no scarcity of slang words for an erection. The most popular are the descriptive terms “hard-on” and “boner,” but “chubby,” “stiffy” and “Mr. Happy” are reasonably popular as well. Then there are the metaphors: “wood,” “rod,” “joystick,” “pony” and “pitching a tent.”

Constriction Devices

Cock rings—a.k.a. constriction devices, tension rings and erection rings—are tourniquet variants that are placed around the circumference of the base of the erect penis with the intention of providing constrictive pressure to stop the exit of blood to help maintain erectile rigidity.

Constrictive devices are sometimes used to treat ED, particularly when the underlying cause is veno-occlusive disease, the ability to obtain a rigid erection, but its premature loss because of failure of blood to be trapped appropriately. As a urologist I have often prescribed the Actis adjustable loop for patients with venous-occlusive disease or “venous leak.” Additionally, constrictive devices are often used in conjunction with vacuum suction devices, to trap the blood pulled into the penis by virtue of the vacuum.

Cock rings are also used recreationally to enhance the rigidity of erections or at times as a sex toy. Caution must always be taken when using a device that chokes off blood flow. Although they can enhance rigidity and sexual pleasure, they can also cause discomfort, a cold and dusky penis, an unstable (floppy) erection because of failure of the device to create rigidity of the deep roots of the penis, and can make ejaculation impossible. One of the biggest issues with  rings is that they provide constrictive pressure that affects only the pendulous outer half of the penis without compressing the inner penile roots, which are “where the money is” in terms of providing erectile rigidity.

Want To Know A Little Secret?

You actually have a natural, built-in ring that you can tap into at will and use in lieu of a constriction device!

Two of the pelvic floor muscles are compressor muscles that function to impede the exit of blood from the penis and maintain erectile rigidity and high penile inflation pressures. The two important pelvic floor muscles involved with rigidity are the bulbocavernosus (BC) and ischiocavernosus (IC) muscles, located in the perineum, the area between the scrotum and the anus. The BC and IC muscles cover, support and compress the inner aspects of the erection chambers of the penis and when engaged during sex stabilize the erect penis and decrease the return of blood to help maintain penile rigidity, extraordinary penile blood pressures and a skyward-pointing erection. At the time of climax, they contract rhythmically and are responsible not only for maximal erectile rigidity at the time of ejaculation but also provide the muscle power behind ejaculation. The classic 1909 Gray’s Anatomy textbook aptly labeled the IC the “erector penis.”

How To Optimize Function Of Your Natural Ring?

Pelvic floor muscle exercises to improve the strength, tone and endurance of the pelvic floor muscles will maximize erectile rigidity and durability. If you want to be confident (cocky) in the bedroom, you might consider preparing, just as you would for any other athletic event. The preliminary results from our ongoing clinical trial with the Private Gym male pelvic floor muscle training program have shown that not only does the program improve erectile dysfunction, but also optimizes function in those men who do not have erectile dysfunction, with “confidence” being the one parameter that was most consistently reported as improved.

Wishing you the best of health and a wondeful holiday,

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