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Male Sexual Vitality

June 27, 2020

Andrew Siegel MD    6/27/2020

This entry is a brief introduction to a series on male sexuality that will be posted over the course of the summer. 


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Sex is a vital aspect of human existence—instinctual, hard-wired and a biological imperative. Nature has created the ultimate “bait and switch” in which reproduction (procreation) is linked with a pleasurable physical act (recreation), ensuring mating and, ultimately, perpetuation of the species.  What a clever and ingenious design—think about animal species that have no understanding or comprehension of reproduction, but still successfully reproduce, driven by instinctual pleasure-seeking and pain-avoiding behaviors that includes copulation, with reproduction a sneaky collateral consequence, as sneaky as a Trojan horse.

Imagine if  sex was not pleasurable and was strictly a mechanical act engaged in solely for the purpose of reproduction, with as little pleasure derived from the act as artificial insemination.  Humans would be engaging in sex infrequently and in the animal world, there would be no reproduction, resulting in a threat to the survival of the species.

Similarly, our artful design has resulted in the coupling of the acts of eating with pleasure.  Imagine if humans derived no enjoyment from eating and it was done perfunctorily, solely for the purpose of nutritional and energy replenishment, as in the case of refueling our cars. Not only would rampant obesity no longer be an issue, but, in fact, many would probably be malnourished, engendering—again—an existential threat to survival. Nature’s brilliant designs!


Healthy male sexual function entails possessing a good libido (sex interest and drive), the ability to obtain and maintain a rigid erection, and the capacity to ejaculate, experience a climax and to satisfy one’s partner.

  • Libido
  • Obtain rigid erection
  • Maintain rigid erection
  • Ejaculate
  • Climax
  • Satisfy partner

It is not an absolute necessity for all six of the above elements to be present, but it is a “perfect storm” of synergy when all elements are present!


Regardless of whether a man is currently sexually active or not, in most circumstances he relishes the capacity to function sexually the way nature intended when the right situation arises.  The impact of sexuality extends beyond the bedroom, contributing to masculine identity and behavior and inciting a “swagger” that permeates positively into many areas of a man’s life. There is good reason why “cocksure” means “possessing a great deal of confidence.”

Although sex is by no means a necessity for a healthy life, the loss or impairment of sexual function can result in embarrassment, isolation, frustration and depression.  An inoperative or poorly operative penis often results in the feeling of being “unmanned” and emasculated. This can be ego-deflating and negatively impact self-esteem and be detrimental to other aspects of a man’s life, as well as give rise to many undesirable partner issues.

Long after the reproductive years are over and fatherhood is no longer a consideration, most men still wish to be able to achieve respectable enough erections to have sexual intercourse.  However, the ravages of time, poor lifestyle habits, and medical issues and their treatment can wreak havoc on penile anatomy and function.


Prostate cancer and its treatment can adversely affect libido, erections, ejaculation and orgasm.  This is predicated on the intimate anatomical relationship between the prostate and the nerves involved in erections and because the prostate is a reproductive organ that contains the ejaculatory ducts. This problem is compounded by the fact that many men who are diagnosed with prostate cancer are older and have compromised erectile function predating the cancer diagnosis, and furthermore, have partners who often have sexual issues of their own.

To be continued…

Wishing you the best of health,

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