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Viberect Medical Stimulation Device For ED

December 13, 2015

Andrew Siegel MD   12/13/15


Our greatest wealth is health and an important part of overall health is sexual health, a topic I have been blogging on for a number of years.

My entry on 9/19/15 reviewed medical use of vibrational devices:

My entry on 12/5/15 was on the topic of using vibratory nerve stimulation in conjunction with pelvic floor muscle exercises in men undergoing prostate surgery in order to hasten recovery of sexual function:

Of note, this non-pharmacological program Erection Recovery Program is equally appropriate for any man who wishes to improve erectile function, regardless of the underlying cause.

Viberect is the first FDA certified medical male vibratory nerve stimulation system for erectile dysfunction. Dual vibration heads stimulate the pudendal nerve and induce nitric oxide release that causes a penile erection and with continued stimulation, ejaculation and orgasm.

The Viberect is available without a prescription and I am pleased to announce that Reflexonic (the manufacturer) has offered my readers a 15% discount (good through February 29, 2016) using discount code VIBERECT20 at checkout.

To learn more about Viberect:

Wishing you the best of health,

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